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Sandmoen Næringspark - Trondheim

Attractive area for new developments next to the E6



The area has an excellent location for commerce, shopping centres etc. The Østre Rosten area has been revitalized over the past few decades, and several large companies have been established in the vicinity. The property is easibly visible and accessible from the E6. The area is currently under development, and is part of the new motorway project E6 Trondheim – Melhus. The first part of this project, between Tonstad and Klett was completed in the summer of 2019. The property is close to the access ramp for Kvenild/Torgård. A REMA 1000 shop of 1000 sq.m UFA and a UnoX petrol station were completed in April/June 2019. A bakery to Mesterbakeren of 5.500 sq.m. UFA were completed in march 2023. These tree building occupy approx. 11.500 sq.m. of the site. A road and technical infrastructure has been built on two levels parallel to the E6. The available lots are preloaded and shovel-ready. The total area of the site is 59,6 decares.



The property is at Sandmoen, south of the commercial areas at Østre Rosten, Tiller and Torgård, and approx. 10 km south of the centre of Trondheim. The property has a unique location for easy access, on the west side of the E6.


Established business/planning

The property is currently zoned for shopping/industry. Permission has been granted to establish shops requiring more space, selling such goods as timber, building materials, plants and cars, as well as warehouses and offices in connection with these businesses.
  • Land area: 59.600 sq.m.
  • Category: Warehouse, logistics, shopping and commerce
  • Place: Sandmovegen, Heimdal
  • Tenants: REMA 1000, UNO-X and Mesterbakeren
Contact person
  • Fredrik Hafnor

    Fredrik Hafnor

    Project Developer