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Portfolio Sweden

Our portfolio in Sweden consists of fully let properties.        The three largest properties are:



The building site is approx. 80 decares. An approx. 21.500 sq.m. building is under construction. About 20.000 sq.m. will be used for warehousing, and the rest will be offices. The building was completed for the tenant in Mars 2022. The property is fully let to Sono. It is located just outside the centre of Tranås with excellent access to Riksveg 32, which is one of the main roads between Linköping and Jönköping.



A building of 7.500 sq.m. completed in 2019 is let to Hot Screen. The site is just over 15.500 sq.m. The property is next to the E6/E20 in Fjärås south of Kungsbacka.



A larger property with an excellent location near the E4 and the railway. The site is 203 decares and the gross building area is just over 84.000 sq.m. The entire property is let to ÖoB/Runsven. The property mainly consists of warehousing, some offices and a outlet for ÖoB.

  • Land area: 299.000 sq.m.
  • Category: Warehousing and logistics
  • Place: Tranås, Kungsbacka and Mjølby
  • Tenants: Sono, Hot Screen, ÖoB/Runsven
Contact person
  • Ketil Ervik

    Ketil Ervik

    Chief Commercial Officer

    (+47) 920 54 411