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Norheim Næringspark - Haugesund

We customize commercial properties in the best location in the Haugesund region



Area developement and transport plan gives us the opportunity to develop properties for companies trading in space-consuming goods, services, office space, logistics, warehousing, workshops and light industry.



Just south of Haugesund city centre.


Established business/planning

Logistics, warehousing, commerce and services.

  • Land area: 50.000 sq.m.
  • Category: Commerce, public sector activities, housing
  • Place: Norheimsmarka, Karmsund
  • Tenants: Kiwi, Burger King, Shell, Motek, Monter, Megaflis, Rush, Teqva, Bavaria. Ramirent, Schmidt Kjøkken, Victoria and Aritech
Contact person
  • Knut Sand

    Knut Sand

    Chief Commercial Officer West/Middle/North

    (+47) 992 65 680