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Kjelsrud Næringspark - Oslo

Urban development with urban services and commerce


The area traditionally housed large warehouses and shopping centres. It is now being transformed into an urban development area with a mixture of public and private services, commerce, offices, and urban storage.

The area is defined as an urban development area in the municipal master plan. An impact study has been carried out in the area, and it is ready for zoning in blocks. Each block will be zoned separately and adapted to their intended purpose.



The site has an excellent location with its own exits from both Nedre Kalbakkvei and Strømsveien. The area is about 10 minutes from the centre of Oslo. The immediate neighbours are Alnabruterminalen and IKEA Furuset.


Established business/planning

Urban development, offices, service, warehousing and logistics. A large public park will also be established in the area.

  • Land area: 115.000 sq.m.
  • Category: Urban development, offices, services, warehouse and logistics
  • Place: Alna, Oslo
  • Tenants: Elektroimportøren Alnabru, Granitt and Betongvare
Contact person
  • Ketil Ervik

    Ketil Ervik

    Chief Commercial Officer South/East

    (+47) 920 54 411