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New modern building in Enger business park completed


Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Enger Utvikling AS, RELOG has completed its first building in the 77.000 sq.m. business park. RELOG is proud to have delivered a state-of-the-art building to Tesla Norway AS, which rated Enger in Porsgrunn as the best location in the region.

Large car center with several functions

The building is approx. 4.000 sq.m. on a plot of approx. 9.500 sq.m. which includes a large parking area. The project was built by Tor Entreprenør AS with project assistance from Rose Forvaltning AS.

Good location with brand new road system

At the same time as the construction project for Tesla has been completed, a new county road has been built. This county road includes, among other things, a completely new road through the area at Enger, new access and two new roundabouts. The new road system, which was a collaboration between the county council, city package Grenland and the other landowners, has now been completed. This has contributed to the fact that access to the business park is very good, with direct access from the county road, in addition to good visibility for motorists driving to and from Porsgrunn, Skien and the rest of the Greenland region.